For sustainable development

At the Lévis Convention and Exhibition Centre, we believe that environmental conservation must play an integral role in our plans. That’s why we’re proud to say that our Convention Centre’s hotel is about to earn Green Key certification, awarded by the Hotel Association of Canada. This distinction is based on a deep environmental audit and recognizes that the Convention Centre is committed to reducing operating costs and environmental impact.

We took into consideration environmental protection and sustainable development when we designed the Convention Centre and hotel. Some 190 heat pumps run the HVAC systems throughout the entire complex. Highly efficient, low-emission natural gas boilers heat all the domestic wastewater in the complex. In addition, our high-performance windows and low-consumption lighting reduce AC and heating loads.

Also, the LCEC makes every effort possible to use recyclable material for internal use. Recycling bins have also been liberally placed throughout the Centre to collect paper, cardboard, glass and metal.

Environmental installations, procedures and policies

Energy conservation:

  • Facilities use a geothermal system for heating and air conditioning.
  • High-efficiency, low-emission natural gas boilers heat the hotel’s and Convention Centre’s domestic wastewater.
  • The hotel and Convention Centre use fluorescent, spiral and LED lighting.
  • A card key-activated central switch controls hotel room lighting time once the client leaves the room.
  • Hotel warehouses and washrooms use motion-detector lighting.
  • Buildings have high-performance windows that reduce AC and heating loads while providing full comfort to clients and employees.
  • Hotel room windows open to limit AC use if the client so desires.
  • The banquet kitchen uses Alto-Shaam low-temperature slow-cooking ovens that consume less electricity than conventional ovens.

Procurement policies:

  • Buy reusable, recyclable and durable supplies.
  • Buy local whenever possible.
  • Buy green cleaning products for the hotel and Convention Centre.

Paper consumption:

  • Paper use by employees and clients is reduced through increased use of electronic services, without compromising information security.
  • Check-ins are paperless at the Four Points by Sheraton Lévis.
  • Customers receive e-billing.
  • All paper purchased is made from recycled fibres.
  • Promotional materials are made from recycled and recyclable paper. Minimal promotion is on paper; complementary information is provided on a USB key given to clients.

Waste management:

  • Materials are recycled: plastics, aluminum cans, glass, cardboard and paper.
  • Food and beverages are served in reusable dishware.
  • Recycling bins are placed in rooms, and self-deposit stands in public areas for customers.
  • Surplus food is donated to humanitarian organizations.
  • Soaps and non-reusable furnishings are donated to charitable organizations.
  • Water pitchers are used rather than bottled water.
  • Organizers can hold events free from single-serve items such as cream and milk cuplets, wrapped butter and sugar packets.

Water use:

  • Public washroom sinks at the Lévis Convention and Exhibition Centre have automatic taps.
  • Four Points by Sheraton Lévis hotel rooms have low-flow toilets, showers and taps.
  • Hotel customers can opt for a linen and towel reuse program.