The Lévis Conference Network

The Lévis Conference Network (LCN) is a joint initiative of the City of Lévis, the Lévis Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Lévis Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Chaudière-Appalaches. Actively developing business tourism and multi-day conferences is a fundamental goal for Lévis and its regions, and high-level stakeholders are required to promote the Lévis Convention and Exhibition Centre strategically. The LCN has joined this effort as part of its 2009 LCEC marketing action plan, a move that will see it providing guidance through the bidding process and organizing and promoting conferences and business meetings.

We’ll be offering members a range of training activities covering the main aspects of event organization. Members will also discover the services and advantages aimed at turning Lévis into a national business destination par excellence.


The LCN’s primary mission is to increase business tourism in the Lévis region by transforming it into an appealing destination for local, provincial and national conferences and business meetings. Specially designed with the needs of conference and business meeting organizers in mind, the LCN is a one-stop service for guidance, development and promotion.

Target clientele

The LCN brings together business people, researchers, academics and business and organization leaders whose influence reaches beyond the city and the country. Thanks to their sustained efforts, they’re able to attract conferences and business meetings to Lévis. Under the authority of the City of Lévis’s development department and the Lévis Convention and Exhibition Centre, the LCN is managed in conjunction with the four partners mentioned above. An executive committee made up of representatives from the four organizations and LCN handles the group’s administration and monitoring.

If you have any questions or want to reach the Lévis Conference Network, please feel free to contact Philippe Caron, tourism development advisor with the City of Lévis.

Email: pcaron@ville.levis.qc.ca

Telephone: 418 835-4960, ext. 4073

Coming events: The Network’s events schedule is ready!

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